Winemaker Jock Harvey to the rescue! 🙌

Jock’s exclusive El Toro Castrado medical-grade hand sanitiser will be available for Sydney & Melbourne metro Angels to purchase soon (sorry to Angels located elsewhere, we can't transport flammable liquids on our courier trucks!)

$2 of each one sold will go towards a donation of sanitiser we’ll make to the wonderful souls on the front line in our communities. 🤗

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, there's been a massive demand for hand sanitiser in Australia’s health care system. The TGA cleared the way for local businesses to manufacture it under strict guidelines.

Jock owns a distillery and had the right facilities, and the Naked network helped him find the Ethanol!

Comment below which deserving organisations you think should get a donation of Jock’s medical-grade hand sanitiser?

🏥 Hospitals
🏫 Schools
🏨 Aged Care
🏬 Supermarkets