As Women’s History Month comes to an end we want to recognize you, the Angels, for all the continuous support you’ve shown our winemakers.

“Carmen, you have truly inspired me. Your obvious joy and positive outlook is something we could all have a wee bit more of.” – Josette D., Angel

“Such a great opportunity to hear inspirational stories from the heart.” – Greg G., Angel

“I love that… our childhood/life experiences impact how we describe wine. I will never read a description the same again.” – Debra T., Angel

“Sharon Weeks is my faaaaaaaavorite… I was drawn immediately to cat label but stayed for the delicious wine. Cheers to all these wonderful women doing amazing things and running their own shows!”, Angel

Not only do you show your support by drinking the wines, but with your words — and it means the world. Here’s to celebrating women in wine this month and every month after! 🥂