G’day Angels,
There’s no better time to be in the vineyard than sunrise!!!
We’ve experienced one of our hottest and driest summers on record (we have just come out of a 3 week heatwave of 40+C) and it’s a real challenge trying to keep our vines healthy in these conditions!
Irrigation is our main tool in keeping the vine from stress.
Not only does irrigation help keep the vines cool, it’s critical in maintaining the functionality of the vines, including photosynthesis, ripening and bud fruitfulness for the next year.
The amount of supplementary irrigation required is dependent on the season. With such extreme conditions this season, we are irrigating as much as we can.
I like to irrigate at night and in the cool of the morning….while the view’s not much chop at night, it’s something else in the morning and always makes me smile.
These shots are from the family’s Carlyle vineyard, where we have Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Muscat and Muscadelle (for Topaque) planted.
What is the temperature where you’re living and how are you keeping cool/warm?

Cheers, and rock it like a redhead, Jen.

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