Woohoo! Thanks for your support, Liz (I Spy Plum Pie) 😇 Naked Wines wouldn’t be possible without incredible Angels such as yourself.

How did Liz earn herself the title of ‘Angel’? Liz is someone who supports Aussie winemaking talent, by topping up her Naked piggy bank with just $10 a week. This contribution allows our local winemakers to make wines the way they should be made, while cutting out the middlemen.

In return, Liz can spend the money she’s built up in her account on the incredible wines that she helped create, at amazing prices. We call customers like Liz, ‘Angels’ – the people who help us fund talented winemakers to follow their dreams. 🍷

Curious to know more? https://bit.ly/2CxCxlk

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