Although many of us complain after a few days of rain, let’s take a minute to think about the positive impact it’s having on our Naked winemakers. 😇

This year has seen record-low rainfall in some regions, with seasons of above-average temperatures devastating the majority of Australia’s land. With minimal winter rain, winemakers face the struggle of growing a healthy vineyard. Their seeds rely on the moisture in the soil to supply nutrients for growth…and healthy grapes means yummy wine!

So although you might be upset if rain ruined your weekend plans, it’s actually AMAZING news for our winemakers! 🌧️

To put things in perspective, here is winemakers John Colvin & Daniel Binet’s dam in the Hunter Valley, which feeds their vineyard. The first pic was taken a few years ago, the second pic was taken in August, and the last pic was taken the other day. Not quiet as picturesque as a few years ago, but recent rainfall has definitely improved the dam since August.

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