Do you wonder what the term ‘Single Vineyard’ on a wine label means?

It means the wine was made from grapes grown on one vineyard site from the one region – as opposed to grapes grown from several sites within the one region or … even several regions.

You see, sometimes a winemaker is so impressed by the sheer quality or character of the grapes produced from a specific block of land (due in part to unique natural elements, such as soil, sunlight and temperature) that they want those particular nuances to be mirrored in the wine. So, essentially ‘Single Vineyard’ can be seen as a quality mark, but it’s also a character mark, too.

And did you know our very own winemaker Leighton Joy produces Single Vineyard wines? So every one of his wine releases are a true representation of the place and time that the grapes were grown. In fact, the anticipation of each harvest is one of his favourite things about being a winemaker!

Leighton has just launched his Uptown Shiraz 2017, why not give this quality wine a taste 😉 -

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