Mindfulness Mentor

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The western world needs far less medication and heaps more mentors. (Mentor means a wise and trusted counsellor, teacher or coach.) Medications certainly have their place when peoples lives [...]

Mindfulness Mentor

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Be like the sunrise and have an awesome weekend! Be Mindful... Pause... Connect and Be the Light! Love, Joy & Peace Always! 🙏💜✌☯️ John Shearer MM #bethelight #BeMindfulPauseConnect #mindfulnessmentor [...]

Ellerby: Remembering Our Sacred Source – Stillness Speaks

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We are All One, One with Spirit, One with Life! Love, Joy & Peace Always! 🙏😍✌John Shearer MM #BeMindfulPauseConnect #mindfullymadBiohacker

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