Didn’t finish that bottle you opened last night? Don’t worry — Portuguese wine expert Oscar Quevedo has you covered with 6 tips on how to preserve your opened wine.

1️⃣ The less oxygen, the better — this means keep it in cooler temperatures and pour it into a smaller bottle if you have one. Your wine will last up to a week this way.

2️⃣ Drinking your wine within the next 1-3 days? Cork it in room temperature and taste how it evolves.

3️⃣ Are you a gadget person? You can use vacuum pumps to remove as much oxygen as you can, but if tip number 2 suits you… ignore this one.

4️⃣ Inert gas — say what? Think Coravin… the tool that lets you pour your wine without taking the cork out.

5️⃣ Only uncork your remaining bottle of wine when you’re drinking it.

6️⃣ Keep the bottle vertical after opening, not horizontal. This helps keep as little surface area exposed to oxygen as possible.

From Pinot to Port, use these tips to get the most life out of your favorite bottles.